We are committed to creating the market's top one-stop end-to-end, multi-mode international logistics services to provide customers with a better logistics experience.
As a professional international logistics expert, we provide customers with high-quality international multimodal transport services.
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Long-term commitment to China-Europe, China-Russia FCL/LCL railway transportation; sea transportation; China-Europe truck FTL/LTL; air transportation and other popular transportation methods in the market, and is committed to promoting e-commerce logistics, cross-border logistics, and multi-modal multimodal logistics.
Provide the most suitable route and transportation method
Provide one-stop e-commerce trade and logistics
According to customer needs, recommend the most suitable transportation route and method, weigh the customer's supply and demand relationship in cost and timeliness, and complete the transportation and delivery of goods efficiently while saving the most costs.
Years of e-commerce logistics experience, cooperating with multi-party logistics chains, owning the best quality logistics warehouse and distribution, providing an integrated management model of "purchase, warehouse, transportation, and distribution" to achieve the perfect combination of e-commerce and third-party logistics.
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