Favorable policies stimulate the logistics industry to usher in spring

Issuing time:2020-11-25 11:56

Commercial Daily News Spurred by the good news, the logistics sector collectively strengthened yesterday.

Analyst Xun Jian pointed out that the recently released "National Eight Articles" will solve the problems related to the long-term development of the industry such as "different taxes in the same industry" and "duplicate taxes" in terms of taxation and tax base. Listed companies with loading and unloading operations have brought substantial benefits, and China Reserve Holdings, which has more land resources, is recommended.

   Analyst Qian Liefei believes that the future can focus on "capacity expansion" logistics companies, including both horizontal and vertical methods. Horizontal expansion is mainly reflected in the release of existing business capacity, etc.), including cross-industry and cross-regional replication of business models; vertical expansion is reflected in providing more value-added services, extending the service chain, enhancing customer retention, and improving profitability, and its core competitiveness is Reflected in service model reform and innovation.

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